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Pookie - Gallery 1
Hi MS fans,

I would like to start by saying thank you for all the compliments I received in response to my last submission. These photos were taken on our last trip to the Dominican. I absolutely love the Duwave Beach suit. I think it really looks great with my tan skin and dark features. I love how the material contours to my body. The Gold Dot suit was a lot of fun to wear at the pool. The gold accents REALLY sparkled in the sun. The suit had a very sexy feel to it, almost like I wasn't wearing anything at all. ;-) The schoolgirl beach with matching skirt is one of my ultimate favorites. I wore it for a bikini contest and received many compliments. The Geoplaid suit is another favorite of mine? It looks great with a tan and in the sun it really POPS!!! The last suit is the Liquid Lettuce Edge which is another great suit! I just wish I had more pics of it to submit. I also threw in a few other MS suits from our trip. Once again thank you to Malibu Strings for making the sexiest swimsuits on the PLANET!!!

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