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Marilyn - Gallery 1
Hi everyone ,

This is the last shoot we did in Aruba. We will be doing more shoots when we vacation in Cancun in 2015.

This sexy, tiny little number is the liquid metal teardrop bikini; a radical departure for me from the suits I’ve modeled in previous shoots. MS this suit is absolutely incredible and much sexier than the pictures on your website!

We started the shoot on the balcony of our room then back to, you guessed it; our favorite spot, the Budui area on the eastern side of Aruba.

Wouldn’t you know it: the ATV caravans and tourist groups in their safari type vehicles were out in force today, observing the shoot; this time tooting their horns in approval! This was a really fun shoot for both of us. It showed me how far I’ve come modeling these beautiful suits for you. To all my fans, keep the e-mails coming.

By the way, we took more shots on this shoot than we normally do; I hope you don’t mind and pardon the tan line!

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