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Moonlight Mesh

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Jane F. - Gallery 1
I was totally floored when my husband told me in early September that he had reserved a house on Bald Head Island for the week of my 55th birthday!!! (Big Smile)

He said "After all you had to endure over the past few months it's the least he could do. "

What he is referring to is that in mid June I had a blockage removed from my small intestines which turned out to be a real life saver. There were cancer cells found in the blockage and I am having to undergo eight chemo treatments. A week before this trip I had just had my third treatment but what the heck it is only a minor setback and tomorrow is another day. Smile. Live life to the fullest!!!

When it sunk in that I had a week at the beach I then knew it was time to expand my Malibu Strings collection "The Sexiest Swim Suit On The Planet" with a suit I had been wanting for a long time, The Dusk Beach!!! You should have seen the look on my husband's face when I walked out of the outdoor shower, he was shocked.

You see in the past he has been the one who had to talk me into wearing "The Bikini For The Uninhibited" but not this time!!! Smile. I figured after all of my spring and most of my summer ruined due to an illness that I had no control over and enduring two surgeries (the scare on my belly button is a dead giveaway as well as my chemo port scare and bulge on my left shoulder) I should do something for myself as well as him.

As far as the pictures go, this time I could not have cared less!!! (HUGE SMILE) I so enjoyed being in front of the camera with each and every picture that was taken. Thou most of the summer crowds were gone the folks that were there on the beach did enjoy us taking pictures and as I said before I really enjoyed the attention!!! (Big Smile)

Malibu Strings keep up the great work, and thank you again for helping me break out of my shell with "The Sexiest Swim Suit On The Planet"!!!
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